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I bought a total of three kwikset powerbolt 2 locks from Home Deppt. Each time I took it home and they never worked. The programming was always faulty. The last one was : Enter the access code and it unlocked the door but the Unlock button when pushed opened the lock with no code. I had bought a more expensive Kwikset lock the first time and it also did not program. Do they pick certain customers to sell trash ( have they a way to destroy... Read more

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Worst customer sevice I have ever dealt with made me feel like I did something to to lock. She said she did'nt understand what I was telling her. I quess being a locksmith for 33 years I don't know what I'm talking about.I have to master key my apartment building and she can only send me smart key barrels which you cannot master key to varios keys. I. asked to talk to a supervisor she said hold on , which after a while I was cut off. My choice... Read more

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I phoned Quikset customer service and as expected it was about a 10 minute wait for a service representative to answer my call. The agent that took my call was "Anna". I provided her all the information I had and I asked her for her email address so that I could email her 3 photos to identify the lock I needed a knob for. She refused to give me any email address and was extremely discourteous. She refused to help me any further. I asked to... Read more

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  • Jul 26
  • #889294

My Kwikset deadbolt also locked us out, after about 4 years. I went to homedepot to replace it and was told that these sets have a lifetime warranty. I will be calling Kwikset in the morning to see if their customer service will be of any help. The lock will not turn to open on any of the doors. Disappointed..

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we bought a new door and put on a new handle. While keying it with Smartkey it locked up and froze. We took the door lock off, drove 30 miles back to Lowes, leaving out house unsecured to discover. we had to buy the same piece of junk once again. Lowes can't work on the only other brand they carry. We bought the same piece of junk, against my better judgement and wanting my house secured. We drove 30 miles back home and can't even get this lock... Read more

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I just purchased a Kwikset smart code 911 so that my disabled child could enter our home on his own. I had high hopes and assembled it this weekend only to find that the battery pack is defective. The negative pole is missing and doesn't even look like it was ever made correctly. I need this part replaced ASAP and I can't get through on either email or phone to Kwikset! I really don't know what to do other than pack it all up and return it... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jan 28
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Customer service phone line is very poor, still waiting for an agent after now over 16 minutes and holding.

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I have replaced 5 external door quickest looks on my home over the last 7 years, as each failed and had to be extracted in little pieces to get the lock to unlock. Each time I took the multitude of pieces to Home Depot, they said that the Lifetime Warranty was through Kwikset and I would need to contact them. I did. Each time they told me to send the lock to them by mail for replacement. NEWSFLASH Kwikset! External door locks are mission... Read more

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Kwikset just emailed me stating they would not be publishing my review to their website, so I'll be publishing it here. We installed our Smartcode Deadbolt one week ago today. We use it quite frequently and it has worked great thus far. Today, however, I locked the door electronically from the outside (like always), walked to the mailbox and came back to a door that wouldn't open. I tried all of our codes- entering them correctly each time. I... Read more

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My house, that is 7 years old now, has matching brass colored Kwikset door handles with locks, on every door. I was coming home one sunday evening, and after unlocking my front door, the handle would turn, but it wouldn't open. I immediately thought someone was on the other side of the door keeping it closed. Thankfully I had a key to the backdoor. Once inside I saw that the handle would turn but only 2/3rds of the latch bolt would retract. I... Read more

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