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My house, that is 7 years old now, has matching brass colored Kwikset door handles with locks, on every door.

I was coming home one sunday evening, and after unlocking my front door, the handle would turn, but it wouldn't open. I immediately thought someone was on the other side of the door keeping it closed. Thankfully I had a key to the backdoor. Once inside I saw that the handle would turn but only 2/3rds of the latch bolt would retract.

I took it apart and put it back together, and it is working again, however then the push/turn button lock popped out. I replaced the door handle and wont be using Kwikset in the future.

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I recently purchased a Kwikset deadbolt and lever entry door set at a nearby store. The sales person in the story repeatedly said how easy it would be to install.

He assured me that the handles are interchangeable. After struggling with the set for over one hour I took a break and examined each part, realizing that the front handle would only work when the key cylinder was upside down with the handle on the wrong side. When I researched the problem I learned that I had to purchase a special tool to rotate the cylinder 180 degrees in order to make the latch function. Why didn't it state this on the box?

I returned the Kwikset and exchanged it for a Schlage set.

It took 15 minutes to install both deadbolt and lever. I will never again purchase a Kwikset product after getting burned.

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